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:: Our Vision ::
Our vision of a successful business powered by its people and its principles defines our unique company today. The profits and benefits created by our success are shared by all our Employees . We believe that by giving Love, trust and Confidence , one can get an extraordinary result from an ordinary person.
Head Office Ahmedabad We are true to ourselves and others as well. We would like to grow as much as possible without compromise value of our company. Our main motto is to bring the most advance and latest technologies from the different parts of the world and creating the awareness to the common people and
make it available to them. We want to provide a complete solution like all related technologies as well as different kind of consumables from different parts of the world which enhance the application of the same machines and can be helpful to grow our customers as well as our company too.
We understand our machines - their stability, capability and performance ; so do we understand our customers and that is how we render better service support to them, maximizing the product usage.
We have sufficient strength of engineers as well as inventory of most required spare parts so that we can provide quick and better service support.
:: Company Profile ::
Mehta Cad Cam Systems Pvt. Ltd is one of the oldest company in Digital Printing Technology & is serving since 1989. Our main motto is "To Provide Complete Solution". We just don't sell machines but we sell complete concept. We don't just bring the machines from different parts of the world but we bring a complete technology and try our level best to create awareness to even common people and thus increase the volume of business. We keep bringing related and advanced technology so that we can help our customers to expand their business and hence we grow.
We understand the need of customer and provide all support under one roof i.e. Latest Technology Machine, All Spares, Related Softwares, Accessories and Consumables. We always provide timely training and after sales support to our customers for our entire range of products for a long period of time through Annual Maintenance Contract.
Mehta Cad Cam Systems deals with
Combined Digital Scan/Copy and print system
Our Countrywide Network
We have our Head Quarter in Ahmedabad, Gujarat India & we have 26 branch offices across India in following cities
Branch Offices
  • PUNE
We have well trained staff which includes Electronic Engineers, Software Engineers,Marketing team and Administration Staff which provides best service support and training to the customers for long period of time.
      We strictly follow the guidelines of our principle companies as far as Customer Training , Trouble Shooting and Maintenance of the machines is concerned.
      Mehta Cad Cam Systems Pvt. Limited celebrates 15 years of quality and reliable services with excellent support.
      We are thankful to all our customers for their cooperation & support which has brought us at this level.
:: About ROWE ::
ROWE is the world's most innovative manufacturer in reprographics equipments. ROWE, a name synonymous with high quality digital equipment production. Their product range includes Combined Digital Scan/Copy and print system, high quality network printers and colour scan system in 36 inches to 50 inches width. ROWE has very high tech production plant in Germany and 100% parts are manufacture in their factory itself. Their ergonomic design and intuitive technology consistently meet the highest demand of professional environment . They are ruling in more than 100 countries in these reprographics equipments . You can also visit ROWE website www.rowe.de for more details.
Original ROWE Eco Tonner is non-toxics- This is certified by the LGA (Institution for product testing and quality surveillance). ROWE printing and coping system are energy star certified. The new fusing technology from ROWE -Energy efficient with optimal fusing quality and power consumption of only 23 watt (RS 4000 + 6000) ad 28 watt (RCS 8000 + 9000) in energy saving mode.

The collaboration of two great companies ROWE + MEHTA will provide very advanced, stable and trouble free technical reprographics equipments with very prompt service support.
:: Our Infrastructure ::
We have our Head Quarter at Ahmedabad with well established, beautiful and well decorated huge office in the heart of the city in the total are of 10,000 square feet. We have demonstration room having all different type of machines for demonstration purpose. We have strength of around 350 people with 23 branch offices in different parts of India to provide quick and excellent service support at our customers' door step. We have team of well trained engineers for different kind of products to provide an extraordinary service support.
Head office Outside VIew Head Office Full View
:: Technology & Service Support ::
We do provide tailor-made technologies & service support considering requirement of India Industries.

We are very well known for providing prompt and extraordinary service support for a long period of time. Our engineers are well trained at our company's principle to provide quick and better technical service support. We have created 23 branch offices with well trained engineers under our senior engineers at our Head Quarter to provide quick service at our customer's door step. We keep very excellent training to the customers at the time of installation of machines absolutely free of cost for machine operation and basic maintenance such that they can operate machines by themselves and small kind of problems can be solved by mail or telephone talk with our engineers.

We associate & provide Annual Maintenance Contract for technologies service support for our client at their door step.