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The online folder
ROWEFOLD 721-4 Offline Folding Machine
Highest cost effectiveness due to   direct link to plotter and copier
Optimum integration into a   copying /plotting/ folding line at   minimum floor space
Automatic transfer of copies/plots   and precise length and cross folding
The solution for reprographic tasks -   meets the most exacting demands
Flexible range: ROWEFOLD 721-4 is   of modular and flexible construction   and ideally suited for the medium   performance range of plotters and   copiers.
Universal application: The ROWEFOLD 721-4 has a conveyor unit and can be linked in a   universal and flexible way to all currently available plotters and copiers. Sizes of copies   /plots are electronically sensed.
Multiple functions: ROWEFOLD 721-4 will fold your plans automatically fanwise and   crosswise. Folded copies run to the selected receiving box. Copies/plots not to be folded   are deposited separately.
Folding to choice: ROWEFOLD 721-4 has a program of 8 foldings according to DIN 824. And   the programming possibility for other foldings.
Comfortable digital interface: An open and easy to use interface offers possibilities to the   plot and repro manager to adjust for each plan the suitable folding mode. This may be   foldings to DIN 824 or any other foldings tailored to customer needs. State commands   allow requests for information about function performing, actual operating state and state   of a certain folding task.

Important features of ROWEFOLD 721-4 are:
Precise folding
Large choice of folding modes
High folding speed
Very low-noise folding operation
Highest ease of operation
Sturdy space-saving design
Low energy need
Guaranteed service-friendly design and best after-sales service
Technical Specifications
Dimensions of input media
Max. width 960 mm,min. width 140 mm, max. length 6.000 mm,min. length 210 mm
Media Types
Copying, plotting and diazo paper. Opaque material 60 to 120 g/m2
Fixed Folding Models
198     mm length folding
198 H  mm length folding
           (with glueing tab)
210/180     mm length folding
210/185     mm length folding
210/190     mm length folding
210     mm length folding
210     mm packet folding
           (without intermediate fold)
198 H     mm length folding
           (with glueing tab)
297     mm autom. cross folding
305     mm autom. cross folding
198H     mm autom. cross folding
           (with glueing tab)
Freely programmable folding modes:
Length folding widths from 140 mm to 220 mm, cross folding widths from 297 mm up to 305 mm
Up to 18 m/min
Width without receiving box: 1.390 mm Width with receiving box: 1.735 mm Height of ROWEFOLD 721-4: 810/910/1.010 mm Depth without receiving box for un-folded plans: 1.100 mm Depth with receiving box for un-folded plans: 1.330 mm
265 kgs
Mains connection:
220 / 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz, 1.5 A
Further Information
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