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Technology Electro photographic (LED) with OPC drum
Resolution 600 dpi
Print Speed 6 metres per minute in any print mode
ROWE EROGOTEC New smoothly-running drawer system, designed after ergonomic aspects, with parallel adjustment and buffered stoppers
Automatic detection of roll width (ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT) Automatically recognizes the width of a new roll after it was input
ROWE DISPLAY OF REMAINING LENGTH Automatically informs about the available remaining length of each roll
ROWE PAPER INPUT SYSTEM Innovative media feed system without roll core - easiest handling (handicapped accessible)
Number of automatic rolls 2 automatic rolls and single sheet feed
Modular construction principle (ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT) 3rd and 4th roll can be retrofit on site
ROWE ECO PRESS New fusing technology:
Optimal fusing quality combined with minimum energy consumption (Energy Star certified)
ROWE ENERGY SYSTEM Meets the criteria of the Energy Star
ROWE DATA SAFE Integrated data saving system
ROWE SILENCE SYSTEM Exemplarily silent, eligible for operation right next to the workplace
ROWE ECO TONER SYSTEM Examined regarding harmful substances and certified by LGA (non-toxic)
New toner management: Highest print quality with lines, grey areas and black areas
Clean and closed toner system, recyclable cartridges
Output formats DIN A4-DIN A0 and 914mm width, up to 32m length (excess lengths on demand), with very quick change of the roll in access
Material types Plain, transparent, recycling,
fluorescent and coloured paper,
films and vellum; up to 110g per m²; details see ROWE material catalogue
Output, backside Integrated receiving tray for up to 100 prints A4-A0
Output, front side (Receiving tray for output at the back is not applicable) (ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT) Comfortable stacking facility for up to 100 prints A4-A0 - NOT AVAILABLE
ROWE STACKER (ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT) Stacker for high printing volumes of A4-A0
Dimensions: W/D/H in mm 1166/1310/678
Noise development in db Low-power mode - Not measurable
Operation - 52 db
Power consumption in Watt Low-power mode - 28 W
Operation - 1600 W
Power connection 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Ozone concentration The following values considerably remain below the limit values regulated by law:
< 0,001 ppm average value,
< 0,002 ppm peak value
Platform ROWE Controller with integrated operating system file spooling
File Formats HPGL, HPGL2, HPRTL, TIFF G2/G3/G4, Packed Bits, CALS 1 and 2, Calcomp 906/907,
PostScript Level 2 and 3, PDF
Interfaces Standard: Ethernet 10/100/1000 MBit/s with RJ45. Optional: other network cards TCP/IP
Network protocols TCP/IP, NETBEUI (SMB), Novell (IPX/SPX), FTP, LPD; other protocols are supported via an external print server
Functions Automatic detection of data format
Automatic roll selection and change over
Print manipulation: Rotating, positioning and scaling automatic
File spooling on the controller
Set memory: send once, process once, print multiply
Concurrent receiving, processing and printing of digital jobs
ROWE PRINT MASTER Multiuser, job transmission software with direct feedback from the device, web-based
Printer configuration
Preview function
Saving and recalling of jobs
Repeated printing of jobs
ROWE PRINT MASTER LT Easy and quick: The job transmission software with reduced scope
ROWE PRINT SPECIALS (OPTIONAL) Software application for editing stamps, margin texts, cover sheets, folding programmes
ROWE COST CONTROL (OPTIONAL) Comprehensive cost centre management
Ambient conditions Recommended temperature: 20-27°C
Recommended air humidity 30-60%
Model Space-saving embedded scanner
Technology ROWE High-Tech CIS with DOUBLE LIGHT TECHNOLOGY, real-time image processing hardware, 36 bits colour.
Resolution 600 dpi
1200 dpi (optional)
2400 dpi (optional)
Original width / length Image width: 200 - 914 mm Original width: 200 - 965 mm Original length: min. 200 mm
Scan length Unlimited (only limited through hard disk capacity)
Thickness of original Up to 2 mm
Copy and scan mode Lines and text, grey scales, dark original, blue print, transparent and photo (standard)
Operating panel incl. job templates Adjustable specific to operator (also handicapped accessible), intuitive, multilingual, each with 32 freely definable job templates for copying or scanning, selectable by one click
Feed table Made of aluminum with adhesion-resistant surface
Feed guide Adjustable +/- 40 mm
Original feed With printed page face-up, automatic feed on/ off
Scan speed Black / white and grey scales in m/min - 9
Colour in m/min - 4
Constant speed
Warm-up period None, ready for operation right away (also for colour)
Output unit Automatic return of scan original
Format detection Precise, digitally automatic format detection; Display of the exactly determined length and width on the scanner operating panel
Copy performance Extremely operating-friendly through automatic format detection and roll selection
Multitasking Continuous processing of copy and scan jobs, also during printing of copies and print jobs, pre-programming of the sequent job
Recopy Repeated output of the last scanned original with different parameters (reduction, enlargement, folding, etc.), without scanning again
Copy zoom Automatic zoom to a standard format; user-defined from 25%-1.000% in steps of 0,1%
Exposure control Automatically, manual fine adjustment possible; background compensation on/off.
Image processing technology New: ROWE PRO LOGIC+ for highest requirements on scan and copy quality
ROWE BACK LIGHT Ideal for scanning of extremely dark transparent originals (optional) - NOT AVAILABLE
Scan accuracy 0,1% +/- 1 pixel
1:1 tolerance Below 0,3% (A0 original)
Image processing Relocating, aligning, mirroring, inverting, reducing or selecting of areas
Stamping of copy for ROWE printer Includes: free text, date, time
Up to 48 freely selectable stamps
Selection of stamp list directly at the display
Multi copy mode 1 - 999 copies
Input mode Single sheet or sets
Set memory Up to 999 copies of one set, at least 1.000 A0 originals
Roll selection Manual or automatic selection according to defined user settings
Criteria for margins / cut Setting of front or trail edge, standard cut, synchro cut and customized cut
Network connection 115-230 V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption in Watt Low-power mode - 28
Operating mode - 1600
Noise development in db (according to EN 7779 operator position) Low-power mode - Not Measurable
Operating mode - 52db
ROWE VIEW STATION Ergonomic operating console with floor unit and display holder (optional)
ROWE ENERGY STATION Energy Star certified
Scan-to-File Kit Software application for digitalization of documentation
ROWE VIEW (black/white and greyscales) Immediate possibility to check the scan without limitation of file size
ROWE EDIT (black/white and greyscales) Professional processing of scans (optional)
Scan destinations 16 programmable directly available destinations
Scan-to-Web via FTP
Scan to network directory
Resolutions Selectable as of 50 dpi in 1dpi steps
Data formats TIFF (uncompressed, Packbits, G3, G4 and LZW), TIFF-JPG, PDF-JPG, PDF (uncompressed, LZW and G4), CALS
Scan modes Single scan, batch scan with/without test print
File names Creates individual file names automatically for every scan, changes file names when scanning, individual naming of files
Operator friendliness Scan-to-File directly via 32 freely defined job templates to one of the 16 scan destinations by pressing only one button
COLOR SCAN MODULE Scan-to-File Kit Color, ROWE View Color, 1 printer driver for Ink Jet printer
Further printer drivers Further printer drivers (optional)
ROWE EDIT COLOR Further printer drivers (optional)
Dimensions width/depth/height in MM 1375/850/1170
Weight in Kg 315 kg
Weight 1-roll-drawer Not Available
Weight 2-roll-drawer 58 Kg